Thursday, April 2, 2009

Changing Careers

As of current economic situation, many are considering on changing their careers. A friend of mine is working on a factory but not a full time, so she was thinking of changing a job. I told her to go to for a CNA class training so she can work in a nursing home or in a hospital as a nurse assistant. I think, she might go on the training when they can afford for the miscellaneous. Anyway, if you are dreaming of a new career in 2009, but worried that the current economy could make your dream impossible one, the good news is that a career change is possible this year. But, you have to ask the right people for advice, like someone who loves you, if you're thinking about changing jobs. Your love ones will hold you tight and protect you from taking any risk. Also, have some research on what field is hiring right now and know yourself better on what would be a better job for you.

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