Thursday, May 7, 2009

HoldTime Studios

As a customer, every time I call to a toll-free number I have to wait for couple minutes before I get hold to a person. While waiting, I heard Music On Hold on the background. Some are messages, depends on the company I am calling to. Behind the voice on the background are from HoldTime Studios. HoldTime Studios is a new division of Holdtime Music. They make your(company) phone system sound great and not annoying. So if you have a business, get hold of HoldTime Studios for Onhold Messaging. You don't have to worry about updating because it is done automatically many times over a year from their office.

Message On Hold is an inexpensive way to tell every caller about it when they’re on hold or transferred within your phone system. Your customer will stay on the line more longer. With HoldTime Studios service to your company, it promotes Marketing Ideas, like highlighting new products and services, educatiing them about changes in the business. For more information about Onhold Messaging, visit for music on hold packages.

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