Saturday, May 30, 2009

Medical Alert Monitoring for Seniors

Security and safety is ever so important in this day. So as important to your grandparent not to fall alone with no one with them. But accidents happens anytime. Provide your grandparent the
life alert button from Brick House Alert. They can wear the panic button around your grandparent's neck, i case she/he fall, he can press the button for help. These product were created to serve and protect our active over 50 crowd who prefer to keep their independence but desire that extra helping hand, just in case. BrickHouse Alert Home is the only PERS systems that give you complete protection, 24/7, no matter where you are in the world. With the press of a life alert button you are connected to live help, instantly, when and where you need it.

Life Alert button is so easy to use. There is also a monitored smoke detector, and a big help button, that if someone falls on the ground in the bathroom, they can smack it and will get help, medication reminders, inactivity detector and so much more. Even if you live alone, the personal assistant is on call for 24/7. They have trained operators are there to remind you to take your medication

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