Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mini Laptop

For the last 2 years, mini or subnotebook laptop exploded in the market after Taiwan based Asustek introduced its tiny Asus Eee PC, with the 8" screen. These mini laptops cost around $399 or less. I saw one from Best Buy the other day that cost $300. I am planning on buying new one since the one that I have broke and it cost to much to fix. So I better buy a new one, the mini laptop. Of course there are compromise on buying these mini laptops. The smaller screens on some subnotebooks will cramp your style if you’re browsing multiple web pages at the same time; the smallish hard drive storage capacity means you might have to store music and pictures somewhere else or use a usb to store some files. If I am right these subnotebooks, has only one or two usb jacks and often no CD drive or tray. But I guess, they're still nice since it is portable one.

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