Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Philadelphia Workers Compensation

The Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry has a law that allow individuals to receive some assistance if they get injured and unable to work.They called that as Workers compensation benefits and claims. In this connection, if you live in Philadelphia's area, and got injured and disabled, you can contact the philadelphia workers compensation attorney at the law firm of Oxenburg & Franzel to schedule a free consultation with philadelphia workers compensation lawyers regarding your workplace.
Oxenburg & Franzen philadelphia workers compensation attorneys have great deals of experience helping people obtain benefits and lump sum settlements from Workers' Comp carriers. Like if your claim is denied, your philadelphia workers compensation lawyer
will stand for you and they will defend your rights. So don't jeopardize your benefits by being uninformed for a free consultation, contact Oxenburg & Franzel.

Oxenburg & Franzel provides legal services related to Workers' Compensation, Work Injuries, Social Security Disability , Supplemental Security Income and other legal areas in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,

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