Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Veolia Environmental Services Australia

Veolia is the facilities management in australia. They become Australia’s environmental services leader in all facets of waste management and resource recovery, as well as Industrial services such as Industrial Cleaning and Facilities Management.

For more information on household waste through Veola Environmental Services Australia visit . Veola is was recently awarded the SCI Plant of the Year Award for the Woodlawn Bioreactor.They provide Industrial services, commercial services and residential services on affordable price. Veolia Environmental Services Australia has been implementing innovative, effective and sustainable waste solutions for over 30 years within Australia. They provides more than waste collection services. Veolia’s strength is in harnessing our capabilities to provide innovative and sustainable environmental management solutions. Specialising in every area of solid and liquid waste management and industrial services, the continued growth that Veolia has experienced over the past three decades has helped Veolia forge a reputation for reliability and environmental responsibility whilst also satisfying the community’s daily needs.

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