Sunday, June 7, 2009

PokerStars Marketing Code

Do you play Poker? If you enjoy playing poker, then join and sign up at PokerStars. By doing so, you'll be ask on how did you hear PokerStars. This is where you enter the PokerStars Marketing Code "flopturnriver", to gain access to all of FTR's exclusive PokerStars events and the $50 deposit bonus. To play PokerStars, you have to download and install first. You just simply click "Play Now ! Free Download" that you can find on the homepage link. Doing this will download their software. Once installed, you can select to launch Poker Stars. After opening, you now need to create your account.

Use their PokerStars Marketing Code of "flopturnriver" and you'll receive our exclusive 100% deposit bonus, up to $50. It is a largest bonus you will receive on this time, this is according to their website. You can also use Poker Stars Bonus Code "Stars50" that you can browse on their PokerStars bonus page. But make sure you check out their PokerStars Marketing Code page prior of using the bonus code.

Join PokerStars now and also gain access to three exclusive monthly events, totalling $800 each month! You will gain access to an exclusive *$200 password protected freeroll*, a *$300 restricted freeroll.

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