Friday, June 26, 2009

Voice Biometrics

What is a Voice Biometric? It is mostly similar to fingerprint.Voice Recognition Biometric is the unique representation of the characteristics that make up an individual's voice. It is one of the product or services that VeCommerce offered. Voice Biometrics can be used as a very secure way of identifying and verifying an individual using nothing more than a telephone or a microphone.

Salmat VeCommerce assists organisations deliver exceptional customer interactions. They believed on improving the success of ivr customer experience, protection of customer details and operational efficiency. They are willing to help your organisation to meet the challenge of protecting customer information while balancing the impact on customer experience and operational efficiency.VeCommerce provide a friendly, quick and efficient contact channel for callers to your organization. VeCommerce is one of the founders of the speech industry and having assisted organisations deliver improved customer interactions over a decade. Their team consists of industry professionals from a wide and diverse background with a mixture of management, administrative, technical and commercial skills.

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