Monday, June 15, 2009

What is Acobay?

Acobay is a social networking site that allow you and other member to share stuff and get connected with each other. In order to get connected to other Acobay member you need to have an account by signing-up. Signing up at is free and hassle free. When you sign-up right now you can customized your profile right away. You can view the "My Stuff" section in your profile. You can start sharing your stuff whether it's a car, a purse, or a camera and you will be connected to other people who have the same stuff. I have join at just today. On my first Stuff I shared my new cellphone that I got and hopefully I'll get connected to other people who has the same cellphone. On My Acobay, there is a "wishlist" section where you can add the items that you are interested in but you haven't purchase yet. By doing so, if other users own you wish item, you can chat with them and talk about the item.

Do you would like to share what kind of camcorder do you have? What books do you read? What phone do you use? What car do you drive? and What music do you like?. If yes, then sign up at and interact with people with the same interest you have.

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