Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tony's Hair Salon in Chalfont

If you are living nearby Chalfont, Pennsylvania. I am sure you know Tony D's Hair Styling. It's a total body concept. Tony's Salon is located in Bucks County , a full service salon chalfont.
They offers a variety of products for all beauty needs which is available for sale on Goldweel, KMS and Biolage. They also have available salon products that are for sale on their beauty shop. Services by Tony D's Hairstyling for men and women's includes, Perm,Coloring, nail care, waxing and skin scare and therapeutic massage. So if you happen to visit Pennsylvania go to hair salon chalfont for makeover at Tony's Salon where they have a hair salon chalfont color. They accept major credit cards like Visa, Mastercard and Discover. They also accept personal check.

Have a full make over now at Tony D's Hairstyling and call for appointment at 2115-822-335. For, Tody D's Hair Styling "Not just a Salon, a Total Body Concept.

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