Monday, January 4, 2010

Naturalization Processing

I've been here in United States legally for about five years now. I was eligible for citizenship on July of 2009, so I applied for naturalization on August. It cost me $675( $595 for filing me plus a biomertics fee of $80) My husband accompanied me to our local office on Dec 10 during my interview. I was interviewed by myself and it only took only 20 minutes. I was asked for personal question first, then the consul asked me 6 civic questions. I answered all of them. She then let me read a sentence and write the answer on the paper . It was pretty easy. The consul then told me that I passed and wait for the oath taking letter on the mail. On the middle of December, I received a letter from the immigration stating my oath taking ceremony which will be held at Grand Rapids on the 20th of Jan. So, it's gonna be 2 weeks from now. So, after my oath taking I will be a naturalized citizen. Wow,times goes fast. It was a journey for me.

Naturalization processing is pretty less stressing compared to my adjustment of status months after I immigrated, and the lifting of my conditional residency 2 yrs ago. Me and my husband was interviewed twice during those processed. Other couples were lucky enough that they didnt have to undego for second interview. But, now that I am almost done with my immigration stuff, I can set back and relax for a while . I don't have to think of the immigration people that gives me headache sometimes. Well, that's life, you have to follow the rules to avoid getting in trouble.

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