Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Proud Trubie

Guest Post written by Michelle Adams

I almost feel like I can breathe easy again now that “True Blood” is back on the air – almost. But those cliffhangers always leave me breathless.
I’m a huge fan, obviously, and am so excited that the third season is now on, complete with all new twists and turns in the plot. It seems that this season is going to be unpredictable like the two that came before it, but even for die-hard fans like me that have read all of the Charlaine Harris books the series is based on.

I didn’t start watching the show on Satellite television until its second season premiere. One of my friends kept telling me that I needed to watch it because I liked Twilight so much. So I gave in and sat down and watched all 12 episodes of the whole first season in about three days. I knew I was hooked.

In between the seasons I peruse fan message boards with myWiMAX Service to find spoilers and conspiracies. I also contribute quite a bit and am constantly comparing the story lines of the show and book series.

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