Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Recreational Burn Permit

Yesterday was an exciting day. Me and hubby did some yard work in the morning, burned some branches from neighbor's pine tree which their grand kids throw away in our yard. It was not a big fire, just smokey because we put some grass on the top of it and of course we were there and not unattended. So, I guess the other neighbor behind us was scared or maybe concern that our garage might caught on fire. We heard some sirens, we thought it was an ambulance since we live nearby the hospital. We were weeding when the police came, with 3 police vehicles and 3 fire trucks, can you imagine they really thought there was a fire. My hubby spoke to one of the officers and he was told that we have to have a permit to have a recreational burn since we live in the city limit. That was a warning for us, so no ticket was issued, since we don't know if we need to have a permit first and we've been burning since we moved in 2yrs ago and no one say anything. So, now we have a "recreational burn permit" which expires next month but can be renewed if we want to. One of the requirements of the permit is, the location shall not be less than 25 feet from any structure unless contained within a pit.
I still couldn't believed why the neighbor called the fire department instead of telling us first since they can see us there watching the little fire.

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