Saturday, July 10, 2010

Chicago Trip

We had a long day yesterday. Yesterday, July 9th was my oath taking ceremony for my Dual Citizenship. We left the house around 8am, then we went to my brother-in laws house. Spent, half hour there, then we went to the Shipping Express to drop off my balikbayan box. It was around noon when we went to the "Little Quiapo Restaurant" only 12 minutes from his house. I had buffet, my husband and his brother had chicken terriyaki. The food was good, just like a home made filipino food so I loved it. Though my appointment was 3pm, we left and hour early because of the traffic. I was a little bit late and my friend Remelyn was there already. The ceremony took only half hour. After my oath taking, my brother-in law tour us on downtown Chicago. We went to the Millennium Park and few other parks and landmarks. I'm not sure how far we walked but I'm sure it's a little more than 10 miles. I was wearing flip flops but a different kind not a rubber one, so I had blisters on my right foot. I should know better. I should wear sneakers or a regular flip flops but I can't believed I walked that far. Eventhough, it was too hot, we had a blast. I've been to Chicago a couple times before but we haven't had a chance to tour around because of the limited time, and not to mention the traffic. It's hard to find for parking space closest to the Consulate so we parked a couple blocks away so that's why I had blisters. Chicago is only 3 hrs from Michigan, so it is convenient for us to go there. I love Chicago. I love the buildings, and the scenery. If time permits, we are hoping to come back there in the middle of August to take some pictures of the navy ship.

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