Wednesday, July 28, 2010

One Tree Hill Reruns on Soat Net

Thanks for the article from Maxine Taylor

I loved seasons 1-4 of One Tree Hill. I feel like the later seasons aren't as good, especially season seven. They play reruns of One Tree Hill on Soap Net. Most weekends they have something called Breakfast in Bed where they show One Tree Hill and Beverly Hills 90210 back to back. Three seasons ago, I got one of my co-workers hooked on One Tree Hill. Since I had my satellite tv installation in North Carolina sometimes my friend comes over to watch the reruns with me on my new setup.
My favorite character on One Tree Hill is Haley. She is funny and smart. I also like that Haley doesn't start as much drama as the other characters. She's a down-to-earth character who watches out for her friends and family. She also gives good advice.

I hated Peyton Sawyer when she was on the show. She was too whiny. I also hated how things always magically worked out for her. She stole Lucas from Brooke twice and then got to keep them both in the end. Brooke continued to be Peyton's friend, and Lucas actually married Peyton! Yuck. I also feel that the show heavily favored Peyton and tried too hard to make us like her. We had to constantly hear about how cool and pretty and great she was. Most storylines revolved around her. It was annoying. Thank God she left Tree Hill.

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