Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tips For Summer Safety For Kids

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Simple steps can ensure that your children will have a safe, healthy, and fun time during the summer months. Here are the things you need to know for a safe summer for your kids!

* Preventing sunburn during the summer is one of the biggest concerns for parents. You can help prevent sunburn by limiting the time spent outdoors. When children are outdoors, cover them up with sunglasses and a hat, and always apply sunscreen!
*If your child will ever be left home by themselves, make sure to activate the alarm monitoring service and instruct the children not to answer the door. Your chidren should know safety precautions to take in case of an emergency, including how to call 9-1-1.
*Keep children hydrated by offering plenty to drink, especially while they are outdoors. Water is always the best to quinch your thirst and prevent dehydration, but a sports drink is acceptable on occassion.
*Keep the children cool by dressing them in light-colored clothing that is also lightweight. Shorts are a summer time favorite. Do not layer clothing in the summer, and change sweat saturated shirts as soon as possible.
*When small children are present, install a gate around swimming pools so there not accessible to them. Never allow children to be in the swimming pool alone, not even for a couple of minutes.

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