Monday, July 12, 2010

Up - A Great Animated Family Movie

This was written by guest blogger Mark Looms

Up is a great animated movie that I recently watched on one of our cable tv special offers channels. Unlike a lot of animated films that I have seen recently, it had a great plot and I never lost interest.

The story is all about Carl Fredricksen, a man who has lived his life wanting adventure but has been to scared to make any changes. When his wife passes away, he decides to attach hundreds of balloons to his house and go in search of a town called Paradise Falls. Unknowingly, a little boy named Russell becomes part of his journey. On the way there they find many obstacles and differences of opinion.

The parts that I found so touching were the scenes where Carl flashed back loving to memories of his late wife. It was moving and made me a little teary eyed at one point.

The story has a great message. You should not live your life in fear of adventure or change. Good things could be around the bend or even bad things. In the end, the journey is the important thing, not necessarily the destination.

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