Thursday, August 12, 2010

Boardroom Leadership

Guest post written by Edward Roberts

Many would say that a career can be made in a board room – and I would agree with them.
I’ve worked in business since I graduated from college and am highly conscious of how to come off in a board room to demand respect of your colleagues, employees and supervisors. I’ve personally made so many quick judgments on people from how they’ve reacted in the board room and in meetings that after one meeting in which I was having trouble hearing one person speak, I made the decision to look at miracle ear hearing aids prices.

I found some that I could settle on and started doing a lot of research on the industry, the best models and how exactly these devices work. I made an appointment and got fitted with some digital hearing aids that were supposed to fit my specific hearing loss needs.

I was glad that I was proactive about my hearing problems before others took notice – or at least brought it to my attention. I’m more confident than ever in meetings and don’t feel like younger colleagues have an advantage over me simple because of their age.

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