Monday, August 30, 2010

Designer Nursing Scrubs

Working in the health care field is one of the most secured jobs. I've been working as a nurse assistant for four years now. Of my four years, I've learned so many things. Dealing with residents could be stressful mentally, specially when your dealing with residents who have dementia or Alzheimer's. There were ups and downs. There were times that I wanted to cry but most of the times they made me laugh and made my day. Working in a nursing home, you get to know the family of the residents. That's why I always make sure I present myself professionally by wearing medical clothing scrubs with my name badge so they would recognized me. I have so many scrubs uniforms. Some of them are fashion scrubs that I bought online.

Last time I checked, I have more than ten medical scrub sets . I wear different sets every day. I am planning on buying two more sets when I get a chance. Good thing, that I can buy them online now on my convenient time. I just checked BlueSkyScrubs, and I am considering on buying medical uniforms later. Besides scrubs uniforms, they also sell medical accessories and medical coats.

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