Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Brother's Big News

Guest post written by John Goodlaw

My brother James called me today to tell me two exciting things: One, he and his wife were planning a trip to come see me and my wife the next weekend. He had reservations for us all to go on a trip to the mountains at Hanging Rock, where he’d booked us all an amazing cabin to celebrate our retirements.

The second thing he had to tell me: He’d just been fitted with new Miracle Ear hearing aids, and they’d improved his hearing by about 100 percent. Now, I hadn’t realized at the time that he’d been having trouble with his hearing—but apparently, neither did he.

He said he went by the doctor for a routine check-up when the doc told him that his hearing was a bit low, and that he should consider getting hearing aids. Well, after looking at themiracle ear cost online, he was sold and went to get his the next day.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

International Travel

Posted by Heriberto Fuentes

While watching the travel show on the channels I get with Illinois DIRECTTV Deals, I happened to see the ruins of Athens, Greece. I phoned my travel agent who does international travel and was pleasantly surprised to see that round trip tickets to Athen, Greece were about as expensive as round trip tickets to anywhere in Florida. My travel agent booked my flight with Olympic Airways which I got out of Boston, Mass.
The flight was nine hours and my time on board the jumbo jet was spent watching movies, eating and being told when to sleep and when to waken. We landed in Athens and got through customs without a hitch. My American passport was very valuable going through customs.

From the airport we took a taxi to a beautiful hotel in the center of Athens. Out of my balcony was the magnificent site of the acropolis. The hotel also had a restaurant with one wall of total glass that showcased the acropolis beautifully. From the hotel we booked various side trips throughout the suburbs of Athens and even took a few trips by boat to a few of the islands that are found close to mainland Greece like Aigena.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Hiking is Great in Alaska

Guest post written by my buddy Aldo Mays

Alaska is a great place to go hiking in. There are countless trails in the woods around the main cities that are great for this. If people wish they can also go and travel to the countless mountain ranges in the state that offer massive amounts of hiking experiences. There is nothing better then packing up for a trip, setting the home security devices, and then embarking out on a journey for a day or more.

Flattop is a mountain that is very famous in Alaska not only for its popularity with hiking, but because the top of it is completely flat. This mountain is so famous here that sometimes events are held at the top of it for certain things such as concerts or special occasion. There have also been times when fireworks were set off safely on the mountain.

Camping on Flattop is something very fun to do as well because it gives an excellent view of the entire city of Anchorage and the surrounding area. The ocean seems vast when looked upon from Flattop, and the city of Anchorage itself seems very small, but beautiful. This is a very popular spot for tourists who visit Anchorage because it is one of the easier hikes and there are many places to rest along the way. Even when raining outside, this mountain is a very fun place to go.

Elmo and Katy Perry

Katy Perry is a famous pop star. She sang the hit song " I Kissed the Girl". She had the chanced to meet Elmo on Sesame Street. But when parents found out and saw the video clip in you tube , they were complaning. If you have seen the video, I'm sure you would agree with the parents. Katy Perry was wearing a sexy dress that shows her cleavage. And it's very inappropriate because little kids are watching on that show. Parents took their complains to Sesame Street. So Sesame Street decided to pull Katy on the show.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Looking forward to The Defenders

This guest post from Werner Rogers

The Defenders will air starting on Wednesday, September 22. One thing I like about this series is the cast, with people like Jim Belushi and Jerry O' Connell, and puts a spin on the traditional gritty crime drama, being much lighter in tone. Most people are used to shows that feature the grand speech like given by a sports coach right before a big game, but what makes it exciting is this show is so much more mellow and more for the average person that's not going for a law degree. Most people put up with boring business types from 8:30 to 5:00 every day, why should they be subjected to another Law and Order clone?

Of course, everyone sees the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, and the idea that what happens there stays there is a good one, but when you need legal representation, you want someone that you can relate to. The idea that these lawyers tell it like it is to their clients, yet still mean business is an interesting one in my opinion. I also like the idea that they are struggling in their personal lives, because no one in this economy wants to hear about a lawyer making more in a day than they're making in a month.

I wholly plan to be watching this show Wednesday nights on satellite TV hd in California.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gilmore Girls is Great!

Guest post from: Denver Stephens

I always enjoy watching the TV series Gilmore Girls. Now that they are no longer making new episodes, it is fun to watch reruns on DirecTV.
Gilmore Girls is mainly about Rory Gilmore, a young high school student, and her mother Lorelai Gilmore. The two of them are very close, since Rory was solely raised by her mother. Rory is an amazing student who has the ultimate goal of going to Harvard. Later this goal changes to Yale. Rory wants all the things is life that her mother ran away from. Her mom was raised privilaged and had opportunity but wanted to do things on her own. Lorelai Gilmore is very independent. In the meantime, Rory would like to explore the world her mother left behind. A life of privilage, high society, and of course higher eduction.
Even though the series is mainly about their day to day life. It mimics reality and day to day life so well that it is very easy to relate to and relaxing to watch. The story takes place in a small town. I currently live in a small rural town and enjoy the quiet and peace that comes with that. While some find the small town living scene to be boring, I find it tranquil and in Gilmore Girls it is portrayed the same pleasant way.

Apple Picking

Apple is always good for you especially if you eat it fresh. But some people say, it would not be considered as a weight loss food/fruit. According to the US Consumer, in order to get the full nutritional benefits with eating apple, you should only eat one fresh apple a day. I didn't know this, so last year I had been eating apple a lot. I'm talking about 4 apple a day. And I guessed that was not right. Apple could be expensive depends on the season. But this time of the year, we could pick apple at someone's farm for a cheaper price compared to the retail store. Last year we spent around $20. But we picked a lot. In fact we were able to baked some apple pie and shared some to my husband's daughter.
Anyway, earlier this month I saw an ad from our local paper about "U-Pick Apple". And later today if my hubby would get up on time, we would be heading to the farm to pick some apple. I am excited in some way because it's nice to see fresh apple that you could pick right from the tree.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gone Fishing

Thanks for the guest post by Dave Myers
One of my hobbies is going fishing. I prefer to go saltwater fishing, as I can eat what I catch. It's a personal opinion, but I think that saltwater fish taste better than freshwater fish.

We get up early on the weekends, get our fishing poles, bait and cooler packed. Then we set our home security systems as we are leaving and we are on our way to the marina.
My family has a boat that we like to use when we go fishing. My husband, son, daughter and I all go out. We usually head out from Bradley Creek down towards Carolina Beach, N.C. There is a "special spot" that my husband has found where we can catch some flounder, our preferred catch.

My son usually throws the cast net and catches some live bait to use. Then we throw our lines out and wait for the fish to come bite. Most times we catch at least an average of one fish per person.

Then we make our way back to the marina, clean our boat and make our way home. I know that our home is safe because I set my home security alarm prior to going fishing. Then we arrive home and clean our fish. Another successful fishing trip.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bourbon Street Reunion

Guest post written by Keith Mathers

I went to college in New Orleans and had some great times there. So me and my buddies from my fraternity were devastated when we heard about Hurricane Katrina.

But we decided to help boost the city's economy while it's still recovering from it by having a reunion there this summer. All of us are spread out over the country so it had been a long time since we'd been together in one room. I wanted to have as much fun as possible before I went so went to a miracle ear hearing center miami fl and got some hearing aids.

The first night we were there we were at a Bourbon Street bar and I was telling them about that when one of the brothers told me that he got some hearing aids DETROIT and another said that he bought hearing aids HOUSTON too. After that I'm not sure how much was still clear. But what I know is that we had a great time and I can't wait to do it again soon!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

5 Ways That the Internet Will Save Your Bank Account

Guest post written by my buddy Aldo Mays

I never realized until I began making a list of how the internet changes people's lives. For me, the internet has saved me thousands of dollars . When we first got satellite internet, I wasn't sure if it was really necessary. Compiling this tip list has helped me realize how wrong I was.
We use the internet to buy all of our tickets to concerts and football games. Instead of having to pay ridiculous scalper fees because we couldn't get to the stadium ourselves, we are able to sit in the comfort of our home and purchase tickets right as they become available. This allows us to save almost 50-100 percent costwise, as scalpers just jack up the prices.

We use hughes internet Kansas instead of having a cable plan. Many websites now allow you to watch new TV shows as they air. This has saved us around $40 a month. It really adds up.
The Internet has become our newspaper. We don't need to find out news every morning when we can find out news when it happens online. You can find more and more sources as well, so you feel like you are getting a more broad view of the world.
We use our internet connection to talk to our daughter at college. Instead of paying long distance fees, we just use instant messenger and video chat functions.
The internet has completely changed how we spend our money!

Football Season is Finally Here

If you are a football fan, local or NFL, I'm sure you are glad that football season is finally here. Sooner or later parents would be able to watch their kids playing football games. Though, some of the scheduled games would interfere on other family activities, but I can see how proud it would be for the parents watching their kids playing.Football is an Autumn sports. It is one of the leading sports here in America. It is a favorite sports to most college and high school students. Everyone watched football games on their television.

But, there is nothing that can beat when you watch your favorite team with your friends and family through Direct TV specially on Sundays. It is because every Sundays, you can watch the game in high definition. Watching in a HD screen makes you closer to the game. In order to experience this you have to have the so called "NFL SUNDAY TICKET". To know more about this, you can visit for more information.

So it's time to switch to LocalTV-Satellite which the partner of Direct TV because they have more sports, more movies and more local channels.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fall Handbags

From structured and ladylike satchels, to buttery leather hobos, the handbag trends you’ll see this season are elegant and fabulous. This statuesque satchel suspended from two rolled handles is crafted from buttery-soft leather and trimmed with dual-tone branded metallic hardware.
This is a B. Makowsky 'Lincoln' Leather Satchel Handbags. You can buy them product online.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Date Night at the Movies

Guest post written by my buddy Bernardo Graham

As Ive gotten older, my idea of a perfect night out on the town has drastically changed. I used to think that going home before midnight equaled a failed night or that simply going out to dinner was a nice relaxing night. I now realize that some of the best nights out are simply spent at places like the movies or at dinner. My new idea of a perfect night out is seeing a really good movie and getting ice cream afterwards. I have to say, I never thought that would be the case. Getting to spend time at the movies and dinner with my husband is the perfect date night for us. It's simple, easy and fun.

Most of our night at the movies start with a simple conversation about what movie both of us would actually agree on seeing. There is usually very little planning involved in these nights. Before leaving the house we set our home alarm system and then head out to dinner. We usually end up getting to the movies way ahead of time to make sure we get perfect seats in the middle of the theatre. While we hardly ever agree on rather a movie is good or not, we definitely agree that this is one of the best ways to spend time together

Fashion Fall Boots

Fall will not officially start around after halloween, but it does not start if you don't have a new fall boots. Pictured above is a low western-inspired boots. Inspired by music festivals like the see-and-be-seen crowd at Coachella, these hip boots are what all the cool kids will be wearing come fall. Use the boots to rough up your girly dresses, or go more casual and pair with your favorite jeggings. This new fashion boots cost around $50.


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