Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Apple Picking

Apple is always good for you especially if you eat it fresh. But some people say, it would not be considered as a weight loss food/fruit. According to the US Consumer, in order to get the full nutritional benefits with eating apple, you should only eat one fresh apple a day. I didn't know this, so last year I had been eating apple a lot. I'm talking about 4 apple a day. And I guessed that was not right. Apple could be expensive depends on the season. But this time of the year, we could pick apple at someone's farm for a cheaper price compared to the retail store. Last year we spent around $20. But we picked a lot. In fact we were able to baked some apple pie and shared some to my husband's daughter.
Anyway, earlier this month I saw an ad from our local paper about "U-Pick Apple". And later today if my hubby would get up on time, we would be heading to the farm to pick some apple. I am excited in some way because it's nice to see fresh apple that you could pick right from the tree.

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