Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gone Fishing

Thanks for the guest post by Dave Myers
One of my hobbies is going fishing. I prefer to go saltwater fishing, as I can eat what I catch. It's a personal opinion, but I think that saltwater fish taste better than freshwater fish.

We get up early on the weekends, get our fishing poles, bait and cooler packed. Then we set our home security systems as we are leaving and we are on our way to the marina.
My family has a boat that we like to use when we go fishing. My husband, son, daughter and I all go out. We usually head out from Bradley Creek down towards Carolina Beach, N.C. There is a "special spot" that my husband has found where we can catch some flounder, our preferred catch.

My son usually throws the cast net and catches some live bait to use. Then we throw our lines out and wait for the fish to come bite. Most times we catch at least an average of one fish per person.

Then we make our way back to the marina, clean our boat and make our way home. I know that our home is safe because I set my home security alarm prior to going fishing. Then we arrive home and clean our fish. Another successful fishing trip.

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