Wednesday, September 29, 2010

International Travel

Posted by Heriberto Fuentes

While watching the travel show on the channels I get with Illinois DIRECTTV Deals, I happened to see the ruins of Athens, Greece. I phoned my travel agent who does international travel and was pleasantly surprised to see that round trip tickets to Athen, Greece were about as expensive as round trip tickets to anywhere in Florida. My travel agent booked my flight with Olympic Airways which I got out of Boston, Mass.
The flight was nine hours and my time on board the jumbo jet was spent watching movies, eating and being told when to sleep and when to waken. We landed in Athens and got through customs without a hitch. My American passport was very valuable going through customs.

From the airport we took a taxi to a beautiful hotel in the center of Athens. Out of my balcony was the magnificent site of the acropolis. The hotel also had a restaurant with one wall of total glass that showcased the acropolis beautifully. From the hotel we booked various side trips throughout the suburbs of Athens and even took a few trips by boat to a few of the islands that are found close to mainland Greece like Aigena.

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