Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Brother's Big News

Guest post written by John Goodlaw

My brother James called me today to tell me two exciting things: One, he and his wife were planning a trip to come see me and my wife the next weekend. He had reservations for us all to go on a trip to the mountains at Hanging Rock, where he’d booked us all an amazing cabin to celebrate our retirements.

The second thing he had to tell me: He’d just been fitted with new Miracle Ear hearing aids, and they’d improved his hearing by about 100 percent. Now, I hadn’t realized at the time that he’d been having trouble with his hearing—but apparently, neither did he.

He said he went by the doctor for a routine check-up when the doc told him that his hearing was a bit low, and that he should consider getting hearing aids. Well, after looking at themiracle ear cost online, he was sold and went to get his the next day.

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