Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's Yankee Time Again

Guest post from: Winston Stewart

It's October. Fall is setting in. You can feel summer leaving and the chill of fall. That must mean one thing. It's time of Yankee playoff baseball. Every year they seem to be in the pennant race. They always put together a great team that is a threat to win the World Series. They just won it all last year and look like the favorite to win it this year.
There is nothing like watching New York Yankee baseball. The storied history is just on thing that makes you feel part of something great. The other thing is that they are pretty good right now and you can tell your grandchildren how you watched a great team make its championship run.
I really love it when I'm watching it and the Yankees make a late inning rally and comeback for the win. I love the feeling of having our team steal the victory from opponents when defeat seemed so certain. My satellite tv from is always tuned in to Yankees baseball when they are playing. I can't get enough of it. And of course, October and the World Series is the best part of Yankees baseball.

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