Friday, October 15, 2010

Leaves Crafts

Guest post written by Danielle Stamper

I'm always coming up with new kinds of projects and crafts to do. But even I run out of ideas sometimes, just no matter how creative I am. So I'm always looking for inspiration elsewhere.

Right now I'm trying to come up with some seasonal stuff that will be great for right now. But I'm also wanting to come up with some ideas for Christmas to give to people and also to decorate my own apartment with.

I got an idea from a craft blog that i found with my direct tv internet to melt down some crayons and then use cookie cutters to cut out cute shapes with them. I saw it done in the shape of leaves, but I think that I'm going to melt some other ones down and make some snowflake and snow men ones for Christmas tree ornaments. I just think that ornaments are so much cooler when theyÕre homemade and have a nice personal touch to them. If that doesnÕt work I just might hang the shapes up in the window though.

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