Thursday, November 18, 2010

American classic for Thanksgiving dessert

Guest post written by Fiona Baugass

My family are such sticklers for having everything exactly like they like it and expect it to be. I don't dare even pick up anything in my mom's house to look at it if it's on a shelf becuase she'll know if I touched it, even if I try to put it back perfectly. That means that my kids can't get anything by Grandma, but being afraid of authority can be healthy for kids anyway.
When I was emailing my parents about our Thanksgiving plans with them a few weeks ago and asking what I wanted to bring, I came across the web site and thought that it would be good for us to change over our internet service to it.

In the email I got back from my dad about the plans he told me to make sure and bring some good old fashioned apple pie and not any of those exotic desserts like I did last year. When he said that he was actually referrign to the German chocolate cake that I brought last year and her turned up his nose at.

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