Sunday, November 7, 2010

Flood Damaged Restoration

Heavy rains can cause flood, and flood can cause the damaged to your house and property. Cleaning up after a flood is no fun. The water can wreck the structure of the house. It's hard to clean up the house without it being professionally done. After a flood, you have to make sure you file a flood damage insurance claim so your property loss will be compensated. Then, you can start cleaning up the mess but don't forget to hire The Steam Team to help your carpet cleaning. They also do hardwood floor cleaning service austin, so if you have hardwood floor that have been damaged by flood, they can clean them up so it would last forever. The Steam Team uses a sandless hardwood floor refinishing process. They have over two decades of cleaning and maintaining commercial and residential flooring, green upholstery cleaning austin, air ducting, tile and many more. So contact The Steam Team, Austin's carpet cleaning service and total restoration service today for a quote or to schedule an appointment. Don't wait for tomorrow. Call now!

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