Sunday, November 28, 2010

Holiday Online Shopping

Stores are packed up this time of the year because of holidays. Some people are done with their Christmas shopping but some have not started yet. Christmas is just around the corner so everyone is very busy shopping for presents. The other day on Black Friday I went to Victoria Secret Store hoping to to get the free tote if I bbuy 60$ worth but when I went there there nothing left.. So I decided to to s browse online and I was happy to see that the tote is still available. So I decided to buy wo 2 gift set and lotions worth $70 total and yes I will have the free tote in the mail in couple of days. Shopping online this holiday is easier. You don't have to deal with the crowds and not to mention the slow check out. I also bought 2 pair of boots from other store online. I expect both of my orders to be in my house next week. One pairof boots is going to be my Christmas present to Jamie. Hopefully she'll like it. The other pair would be for myself. I don't really need another pair of boots but that one was only $29.99 which has the original price of $100. So it was really a big savings, so I decided to ordered it. Anyway, I still have more shopping to do for my husband,for Jamie's husband and for Caleb. Maybe and hopefully I will get done shopping next week. I really love Christmas. I love to buy Christmas gift.

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