Saturday, November 6, 2010

Yankee Stadium:Undefeated

Written by Don Gregory

I've been in the old Yankee Stadium before and it still feels odd to me that I need to call it “old” Yankee Stadium. Stadiums like that should never be old; they should be eternal. It was in 1998 when I was there, the year they won 114 games and the World Series. Of course, the game I went to, they lost to Albert Belle's Cleveland Indians but there's something about actually going to the storied place where your favorite team has made such history. They are the best team in baseball's history and I was in the place that they made such a monument to the sport; there's little to top that. Even better, the game I went to was on Old Timer's Day, one of the last that the great Joe Dimaggio attended before his death. You could feel the stadium's ghosts in full force that day.
I still watch my Yankees on the channels we get through direct tv package deals, but not even that can compare to seeing a game in the House That Ruth Built or the House Steinbrenner Rebuilt. As I watch them this year, I see them defending their World Series title, trying to maintain the new Yankee Stadium's World Series win streak, establishing it as the only stadium in baseball that has never seen a team that did not win that year's World Series. Of course, nothing is eternal and the rationalist in me knows it, but the fan in me still wants to believe it may yet be true.

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