Thursday, December 30, 2010

Delicious Paula Deen Snow Cream

Guest post written by Heather Blevins

I never was one much for cooking or baking until I started watching Paula Deen and everything that she cooked just looked so amazing that I decided to just bit the bullet and get one of her cookbooks. Now, I don't cook every single day, but the cookbook definitely gets used at my house now. A lot of her stuff just reminds me of the amazing stuff that my grandmother would cook, with no concern for how fattening or how many calories something had in it.

But that woman really knows how to make her desserts. Those are my favorite things to fix of hers and I'm always using our clear wireless internet service to find new desserts of hers to fix for my family.

When it snowed here a few weeks ago, I fixed my family some Paula Deen snow cream and it was better than just adding stuff in randomly to taste like I've normally done in the past. I'm not sure if my family really noticed the difference, but I'm going to keep using Paula's recipe.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Season of Traditions

Guest post written by Barb Watson

Every year, my husband Tom and I have our little traditions as we get into the holiday spirit. We start to play some of our old holiday albums, and we bring out the old decorations that we've saved in the attic over the years. We also brainstorm the kind of holiday goodies we want to both buy and make for when our family members come to visit. It's a very fun and fulfilling time of the year for us, and we love the little traditions that we've had together. It really makes things special. Also, while we love all the holiday classics we always start the season off with It's a wonderful life and Miracle on 34Th Street. After purchasing new hearing aids from Miracle Ear, we won't need to watch the movies in closed captioning this time around haha!.

We've been getting in the Christmas spirit for several weeks now, and we've fully enjoyed our time together. There really isn't any other time of the year quite like Christmas time, and Tom and I love the little things that we do every year to make the holiday season special.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Last Minute Christmas Shopping

Today is Christmas Eve already and tomorrow we're gonna have a small party here in the house with my husband's kids and family. I thought I am done with shopping but no I was wrong I have to buy few stuff for Jamie and maybe for her husband. My husband has to buy gift for his son since he decided to come over on the last minute so we haven't get anything for him yet. So we're talking of another $200 or more for all of them. As I've said before I can't wait for this holiday to be over with..

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Low-carb Christmas Cookies

Guest post written by Andrea Lukas

I've been working really hard in 2010 to lose some extra pounds and get healthier. I've actually kept up all of that for the whole year and I swore to myself that I wouldn't let myself go when the holidays came around. Already it's been so tempting, but I've been exercising a few more minutes during every workout to help offset all the stuff that I've been eating. I also looked up a bunch of holiday recipes that fit in with my diet.

Christmas cookies are a huge weakness of mine, so I used my Clearinternet to look up some healthier versions of them. I found lots of them, but some of them just didn't sound like they were going to be very good. There's no sense in fixing and eating cookies that aren't good, though.

I decided to bake some low-carb Christmas cookies, which actually ended up being very good. My husband, who normally hates diet things, ate several of them even though I made some that were strictly for him and the kids and non-diet versions.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Christmas Story

The article written by Alonso Kramer

I love when Christmas rolls around. Not only does it mean getting a plethora of gifts and giving just as many back, but it also means cookies and decorating. I love decorating the tree every year and I make sure to have everything handy beforehand. While decorating, I always put on A Christmas Story to get me in the holiday spirit. My boyfriend says that he's never jolly unless A Christmas Story is playing on our satellite television. A few weeks ago, we made sure to set up the entire tree and have a really amazing time decorating and watching our favorite holiday movie.

My mom loves this movie too. And when I'm done decorating the tree in my apartment, I go over to my mom's house and decorate hers' while watching the same movie. The movie is really great and is considered a classic among holiday treats. It's about a boy named Ralphie who wants nothing more than a BB gun for Christmas. To make a long story short, he eventually gets it. I can't believe how many people know about this movie. It was created in the 1980's, however, it has a 50's feel to it. It's just the perfect movie to brighten your spirits during the holidays. I think my DVD is worn, which is why I try to catch it on Satellite TV all the time now.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Why Santa is So Scary?

When I was a kid, I had no experience of meeting Santa Claus, sitting on his lap for picture at the Mall. We only see Santa Claus on TV or pictures. This time of the year Santa Claus is so busy. You see him everywhere in the Mall. Parents bring their kids to see Santa and have them sit on his lap for a picture. But, kids cry when they sit on the lap of a man dressed Santa. Why do you think?
Part of me is sad because I didn't get the privilege or opportunity to met Santa when I was a kid but if I was a kid, part of me won't be looking forward to sit on Santa's lap because of his terrifying look. No wonder why kids cry when they see Santa, because he's so scary and creepy looking :-)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Can't Wait for Christmas

Okay, honestly I can't wait for this Christmas to be over. This whole thing just stressed me out. From buying gifts to Christmas dinner planning. Though, I don't mind buying gifts for Christmas. In fact I bought everybody in the family who will join with us on Christmas day here in the house. But I am not sure if I bought enough since they don't give us a list of what they want. They just say, you can buy this or you can buy that, or a gift card would be good. But I don't want them to say something if we didn't give enough for each of them. One thing that pisses me off is my husband. He told me that he bought some gift already and he is hiding them so I could not see. But he has not started wrapping his gifts so he can put under the tree. So I told him, if he would not help me decorating or giving ideas of what we gonna do this Christmas, that we would escape Christmas next year, or just between him and I. It's just a lot of work for me.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Small Tree

Guest post by Gerard Mcdaniel

We had this old man that ran a tree lot every year in the parking lot of our grocery store. We have been visiting him for years, and were so sad when we pulled up this year and did not see him. After talking to the worker, I found out that it was his son taking over and we once again felt great about spending our time picking out a tree from him. I loved how he offered the personal touch to our process of picking out the perfect tree, and always spent the time trimming every branch I asked to be trimmed. I think it's the little things around the holiday that really make the holiday experience that much more enjoyable. That is why I always set the security alarm from on the home, lock up tight, and drive to the same guy every year for our Christmas tree. Their lot offers that personal touch that makes the buying experience that much more worth the tree. This year, we had to buy several small trees instead of our large one and he was so patient letting me pick out the perfect sized trees. I might have stretched the buying experience a little too long because I was enjoying it so much, but the results were the same. I got my trees and enjoyed every moment of picking them out.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Southern Santa

I appreciate the guest post, Jewel Rodgers

When people think of Christmas, they think of cold weather, snow games, and of course Santa Claus. A proper Santa should have a genuine white beard, wear wire rim glasses, and display a properly buttoned red suit over his rather large belly. While this typical Santa delights children in his fanciful sleigh pulled by Rudolph at Strip Malls and Shopping Centers across the States, my Santa rides a tractor.

In central Florida, we have no fir trees to chop down or White Christmas illusions of sledding in the snow. So, instead of giving the local kids a picture of a winter wonderland that most will never leave the area to see, we do Christmas the Southern Way.

Every year the town hosts a Christmas party. We set up hay mazes, various games, baked goods tables, and outdoor lights around the Jameson's Barn. Every family brings a dish along and parties into the night. The Jameson's are a local family in their own right. Mr. Jameson, Bill, puts on Red-Overalls, and a jolly Cowboy Hat. Since he already sports a nice long white beard, the picture is complete. Watching his accent onto the Christmas Tractor with Rudolph by his side is always worth a laugh or two. Of course, the Christmas Tractor is just the regular tractor decorated with ornaments, lights, and Holly and Rudolph is a lovely bird dog with real antlers attached to his head.

Pictures are taken of the little ones on Santa's lap, riding the tractor, which will later pull a hay ride for carolers. After telling their wishes to Santa, who since knowing their parents has amazing accuracy in delivery, the children get a treat from Mrs. Claus.

It may not be the classic sight of visiting Santa, but after setting the home security alarm (Atlanta ADT home alarm prices), and joining the neighbors, this is our perfect Southern Christmas

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Shopping for Nothing

So we went to the Rivertown Mall yesterday and we supposed to have our Christmas shopping done by then but no I ended up buying a jewelry set for myself at Macy's. And hubby bought 2 things only. The mall was packed. I think the people went shopping yesterday doubled from its regular day so I didn't get a chance to look and buy what I wanted. We went to Kohl's there to look for a gift for Caleb but the one that I saw on their website is different from the one there. It looks like it's not suited for a f or 5yr old. It's a mini-net book toy. I was gonna bought it for him for $49.99 but it was inappropriate for his age so we decided to get one for him at Meijers here in the town. But Rick was able to purchased a gift card at a sporting good so I think it was still okay since that store is not here on a town. So we just went their to eat and ' shopped a little. We spent our time walking and walking.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Favorite Holiday

Christmas is one of my favorite holiday. Seeing those Christmas decorations and Christmas lights makes me feel alive. This year is going to be my 5th Christmas here in the United States and away from my family and love ones. It's hard to be away with your family on this holiday. Christmas celebration here is different in the Philippines. For me, as what I had observed for the past 5 yrs. Christmas here is all about gifts. Everyone is busy buying Christmas presents and making sure everyone in the family has gifts. I know there's nothing wrong with that. But with this economy it's getting harder and harder. When I was a kid I can't remember if I got Christmas presents. Christmas for us is all about family gatherings' food and luncheon. Christmas is not complete without Christmas carols. During Christmas Eve, before 12 midnight kids are everywhere,singing Christmas songs in the neighborhood. The owner of house sometimes gives money or food as treat for carolling, then by morning when everyone decided to stop singing, kids divide the money they have collected and share the foods they have. That's our tradition that we've been following throughout the years.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Handmade garland to last

Guest post written by Katy Hicks

I love making crafts, but a lot of the times they just don't last all that long. Especially if they're holiday themed decorations. But not this year. I've decided that if I'm putting the time and effort into making something for Christmas, I should be able to use it during future Christmases too.

I went online to try and find some ideas for lasting crafts when I came across the website and read through it. After that I chose to order one of the packages for my internet service at home.

I went out and bought some of those cheap sheets of felt and used all kinds of craft and fabric scraps that I already had to make the handmade garland. It looks really cute and homey looking. I think that I really did a great job of using the craft scraps in ways so that it kind of matches everything that's already in my living room, which is where I hung it up. I think this is going to last me for quite a while.

Office Gifts

I know some of you are not done their Christmas Shopping. And I know that Christmas Shopping can be so hard especially if you don't know what the person want. But I have some couple of ideas. If you work in an office, like an assistant secretary. You can give a personalized calendar or a pen for your boss. A personalized gift where you can have your boss names or the name of the office be engraved . Also, mugs and mouse pads are good office gifts. Anyway, there are a lot of Office Gifts you can give you just to take time to shop online to get more ideas.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Wedding At The Park

The Author of this post is Mae Sweet

One of the nicest weddings I have ever gone to was for a friend that I had known for years. The location of the wedding was beautiful, since it was at a park, near a stream and everything was done outside. The groomsmen arrived on quads and were followed by the youngest rider was the ring bearer who arrived on a battery operated quad of his own. A huge tree located in the park offered the perfect shaded place for the bride and the groom to exchange their vows, and the creek next to it, provided a tranquil feeling.

Since the surrounding community knew of the wedding, we made sure before we left to go to the wedding that the home alarm system from was set. The food wasn't catered, but was instead, brought by family members to help keep the cost of the wedding to a minimum. A DJ provided music that went well into the night time hours and a rented tent was used for the dining area and then later used the dance floor. The whole park offered beautiful places to take pictures of the bride and groom, family members and guests who were there. It was a great way to have a wedding on a thin budget, but I have to say, it was the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Michael C Hall

Thanks for the post from Al Mills

Michael C Hall is an American actor known for his role on Six Feet Under, an HBO series, and perhaps even better known for his lead role as Dexter Morgan in the Showtime television series Dexter. He has won several awards for both of these series, and has become very popular because of this. He has recently won a battle with cancer, Hodgkin's lymphoma to be more specific. He is also married to one of his co stars Jennifer Carpenter, who plays his adopted sister on Dexter.

The Showtime drama Dexter is one of, if not my favorite show on television at the moment. Michael C Hall does an amazing job portraying a serial killer. I never miss an episode, I watch it every Sunday on DirectStarTV. In my opinion there isn't another show on television that is so original, or so suspenseful. Dexter is about a man who went through a very dramatic incident when he was a small child. He watched his mother murdered. Later in life this gave Dexter urges to kill. His foster father, who was a policeman, learned this and taught him that if he was going to give into his urges to kill, he must only kill those who deserve it. Dexter uses his job at a Miami police department as a blood analyst, to find other murders who "deserve" to die. This is a very good show with a very good lead actor in Michael C Hall.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Nursing Scrubs

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