Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Can't Wait for Christmas

Okay, honestly I can't wait for this Christmas to be over. This whole thing just stressed me out. From buying gifts to Christmas dinner planning. Though, I don't mind buying gifts for Christmas. In fact I bought everybody in the family who will join with us on Christmas day here in the house. But I am not sure if I bought enough since they don't give us a list of what they want. They just say, you can buy this or you can buy that, or a gift card would be good. But I don't want them to say something if we didn't give enough for each of them. One thing that pisses me off is my husband. He told me that he bought some gift already and he is hiding them so I could not see. But he has not started wrapping his gifts so he can put under the tree. So I told him, if he would not help me decorating or giving ideas of what we gonna do this Christmas, that we would escape Christmas next year, or just between him and I. It's just a lot of work for me.

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