Thursday, December 30, 2010

Delicious Paula Deen Snow Cream

Guest post written by Heather Blevins

I never was one much for cooking or baking until I started watching Paula Deen and everything that she cooked just looked so amazing that I decided to just bit the bullet and get one of her cookbooks. Now, I don't cook every single day, but the cookbook definitely gets used at my house now. A lot of her stuff just reminds me of the amazing stuff that my grandmother would cook, with no concern for how fattening or how many calories something had in it.

But that woman really knows how to make her desserts. Those are my favorite things to fix of hers and I'm always using our clear wireless internet service to find new desserts of hers to fix for my family.

When it snowed here a few weeks ago, I fixed my family some Paula Deen snow cream and it was better than just adding stuff in randomly to taste like I've normally done in the past. I'm not sure if my family really noticed the difference, but I'm going to keep using Paula's recipe.

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