Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Favorite Holiday

Christmas is one of my favorite holiday. Seeing those Christmas decorations and Christmas lights makes me feel alive. This year is going to be my 5th Christmas here in the United States and away from my family and love ones. It's hard to be away with your family on this holiday. Christmas celebration here is different in the Philippines. For me, as what I had observed for the past 5 yrs. Christmas here is all about gifts. Everyone is busy buying Christmas presents and making sure everyone in the family has gifts. I know there's nothing wrong with that. But with this economy it's getting harder and harder. When I was a kid I can't remember if I got Christmas presents. Christmas for us is all about family gatherings' food and luncheon. Christmas is not complete without Christmas carols. During Christmas Eve, before 12 midnight kids are everywhere,singing Christmas songs in the neighborhood. The owner of house sometimes gives money or food as treat for carolling, then by morning when everyone decided to stop singing, kids divide the money they have collected and share the foods they have. That's our tradition that we've been following throughout the years.

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