Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Low-carb Christmas Cookies

Guest post written by Andrea Lukas

I've been working really hard in 2010 to lose some extra pounds and get healthier. I've actually kept up all of that for the whole year and I swore to myself that I wouldn't let myself go when the holidays came around. Already it's been so tempting, but I've been exercising a few more minutes during every workout to help offset all the stuff that I've been eating. I also looked up a bunch of holiday recipes that fit in with my diet.

Christmas cookies are a huge weakness of mine, so I used my Clearinternet to look up some healthier versions of them. I found lots of them, but some of them just didn't sound like they were going to be very good. There's no sense in fixing and eating cookies that aren't good, though.

I decided to bake some low-carb Christmas cookies, which actually ended up being very good. My husband, who normally hates diet things, ate several of them even though I made some that were strictly for him and the kids and non-diet versions.

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