Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Season of Traditions

Guest post written by Barb Watson

Every year, my husband Tom and I have our little traditions as we get into the holiday spirit. We start to play some of our old holiday albums, and we bring out the old decorations that we've saved in the attic over the years. We also brainstorm the kind of holiday goodies we want to both buy and make for when our family members come to visit. It's a very fun and fulfilling time of the year for us, and we love the little traditions that we've had together. It really makes things special. Also, while we love all the holiday classics we always start the season off with It's a wonderful life and Miracle on 34Th Street. After purchasing new hearing aids from Miracle Ear, we won't need to watch the movies in closed captioning this time around haha!.

We've been getting in the Christmas spirit for several weeks now, and we've fully enjoyed our time together. There really isn't any other time of the year quite like Christmas time, and Tom and I love the little things that we do every year to make the holiday season special.

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