Saturday, December 11, 2010

Shopping for Nothing

So we went to the Rivertown Mall yesterday and we supposed to have our Christmas shopping done by then but no I ended up buying a jewelry set for myself at Macy's. And hubby bought 2 things only. The mall was packed. I think the people went shopping yesterday doubled from its regular day so I didn't get a chance to look and buy what I wanted. We went to Kohl's there to look for a gift for Caleb but the one that I saw on their website is different from the one there. It looks like it's not suited for a f or 5yr old. It's a mini-net book toy. I was gonna bought it for him for $49.99 but it was inappropriate for his age so we decided to get one for him at Meijers here in the town. But Rick was able to purchased a gift card at a sporting good so I think it was still okay since that store is not here on a town. So we just went their to eat and ' shopped a little. We spent our time walking and walking.

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