Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Small Tree

Guest post by Gerard Mcdaniel

We had this old man that ran a tree lot every year in the parking lot of our grocery store. We have been visiting him for years, and were so sad when we pulled up this year and did not see him. After talking to the worker, I found out that it was his son taking over and we once again felt great about spending our time picking out a tree from him. I loved how he offered the personal touch to our process of picking out the perfect tree, and always spent the time trimming every branch I asked to be trimmed. I think it's the little things around the holiday that really make the holiday experience that much more enjoyable. That is why I always set the security alarm from allhomesecurity.com/ on the home, lock up tight, and drive to the same guy every year for our Christmas tree. Their lot offers that personal touch that makes the buying experience that much more worth the tree. This year, we had to buy several small trees instead of our large one and he was so patient letting me pick out the perfect sized trees. I might have stretched the buying experience a little too long because I was enjoying it so much, but the results were the same. I got my trees and enjoyed every moment of picking them out.

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