Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Powder & Liquid Soap for Laundry

Back in the Philippines people used powder soap to used for laundry when it's done by washing machine and also when soaking clothes before washing. But here in US mostly everyone use liquid laundry soap for washing. When I first got here I thought there were no powder soap available in the store and I never thought of asking my husband about it. Our laundry area is colder during winter. About two years ago or less I' had noticed that the laundry (liquid) soap that was put at the top of the machine was frozen or should I say half frozen. So I had hard time pouring it when I do laundry. I told my husband I wished we ha can used a powder one instead of liquied suring winter. He told me that he could buy one if I want to used it instead of the other kind. I was surprised when he said that because I never thought we had it here coz I never bother checking in the aisle of the store to check it. So anyway, that same day he bought a tide powder soap. So I started using it and am very happy of the result. Besides, it's economical unlike the liquid one . So we have been using powder soap for laundry since then and I'm very impressed of the result and I don't have to worry every winter if it freezes or not cause I knew it wont:).

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