Thursday, January 20, 2011

"Recycle Me" Bags

Saving the environment is every one's job and concern. People is contributing in so many ways on how to save the environment. Last year or two years ago stores nationwide like Wallmart, Target started selling "Recycle" bags to consumers. Customers can use this kind of bag over and over again without throwing them away unlike plastic bags.Because plastic bags are not compostable and obviously not good for our environment. Recycle bags can be used to put your food when going to picnic. You can also put lunches to bring to work. I find it very convenient when I used recycle bags to put all my belongings. I have all the space. I can also wash them if it gets dirty from using.

Last year and the year before my work gives us this type of bag with our company's logo on it. The first one is color green and the last which was given to us on Employees appreciation week was red.Now, when we go grocery shopping we bring our recycle bags to put all the groceries instead the plastic bags from stores.

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