Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Storage Units in London

Two years ago, before we moved in into our new place, we lived in a 2 bedroom with basement in a townhouse. Since the place was not that big, we didn't have enough space to store all of our furniture. So we rented a self storage not far from where we lived. The rent was very affordable for all the stuff inside. But, after we found our house right now, we decided to empty the storage since we had enough space in our house to accommodate all our belongings.
Anyway, if you are living in UK and wanted to have more space in your house, storage London, a low cost self storage company is the right self storage place where you can store all your household belongings with now worries. I know that security and space are just few reasons why you want to rent a self storage for all of your stuff. It could be that you are moving to another place and need a place to keep the stuff until you arrive at your new residence. So instead of throwing some of your stuff away, getting a self storage London could give your home a little more space.

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