Friday, February 25, 2011

Facebook Status Game

Just for Fun, here's another Facebook Status Game...

Just copy and paste below :

We are playing a game. Someone proposed that we GIRLS do something special on to help with Breast Cancer Awareness. Its easy, and Id like you to join us to help it spread. Last year it was about writing the color of the bra that your were wearing in your status and it left men wondering for days why the girls had random colors as their status. This year it has to do with your relationship status. You will state where you are, by posting one of the codes below. Remember - don't reply to this message just type your 1 word response in your status box on your profile. Then cut and paste this whole message into a new message and send it along to your female friends....
Blueberry: Im single
Pineapple its complicated
Raspberry: Im a touch and go woman
Apple: Engaged
Cherry: In a relationship
Banana: Im married
Avocado: Im the "other one"
Strawberry: Cant find the right one
Lemon: Wish i was single
Grape: wants to get married.
The bra game reached TV, lets get this one to do the same, and show everyone how powerful women are! ...

Monday, February 21, 2011

GrapeFruit Benefits

We know eating fruits is good for our health. But fruits can be so expensive especially when you buy them off season. When I was a kid we eat a lot of grape fruit. My great-grandparents which was our neighbor had grape fruit that grew on their yard which also part of our yard. So we ate grape fruit almost everyday. Our grape fruit back in the Philippines is big. So when I got here in the US 5 yrs ago I keep looking for it every time we went to the supermarket. But I couldn't find any until 2yrs ago when I finally asked my husband about it. He told me that we have it here too. So he showed it to me and I was surprised to see that it wasn't big as I expected. We bought a bag and tried one when we got home. And yes he was right. The taste is a little bit bitter unlike my grandparents which was very sweet. But I was happy to eat grape fruit again after couple years of not having it. Now I eat grape fruit like there's no tomorrow :)

Anyway, when I tried to Google the health benefits of grape fruit, I was surprised to find out that it has a lot of health benefits that comes with the fruit by eating naturally. I learned that it can help in weight loss, since it is low in sodium, high in fat burning enzymes.Also, Grapefruit is very helpful in removing or dissolving inorganic calcium which may have formed in the cartilage of the joints. To read more of the health benefits of Grape Fruits, you can read it here.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Today's Google Doddle

Today would be Romanian-born sculptor Constantin Brancusi's 135th birthday, and thank you Google for acknowledging Constantin Brancusi. Everyday we learn something. Thank you Google!

Friday, February 18, 2011

iPad Sleeves

If you have an iPad and want to protect your gadget from scratches or damage, you need to buy iPad Sleeves. It comes with vertical and horizontal sleeve. The vertical design is perfect for those who like to use their iPad as an e-reader and want access to the charging dock while your iPad is in-sleeve. The horizontal design allows for easy access from your bag and is especially great for those who enjoy the landscape orientation on their iPad. It's very stylish sleeve that would help protect your device in transit.

You can buy Custom iPad Sleeves where you can mix, match and create your iPad Sleeves the way you want to. These iPad Sleeves are hand made products and can be ordered at Rick Shaw Bags. The simple slip-cover design combines beautiful fabrics, protective padding and soft plush lining that comes with different color. So dress your iPad now with either vertical or horizontal sleeves.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Post Valentine's Sale

So yesterday,a day after Valentine's Day, all Valentines stuff are half off. So, me and my husband went to couple of stores yesterday to find some great deal. We bought couple bags of chocolates, stuff toys, kitchenware for Valentines. All of them were 50% off. All the chocolates are going to be included in my balikbayan box to be shipped in the Philippines in a couple of months. The stuff toys that I bought were a good deal. I'm going to give one to my sister and will be keeping the bigger one for myself.
Shopping after holiday is always a good idea. It has been our tradition because that way we can save some.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Buying A Car

My car is retiring on me. I bought it used 2yrs ago. And now, I definitely need a brand new car. Though I have no plan on buying a car this year, I have been shopping online and on paper. I've been researching on what to expect on buying a brand new car. Before I decide to get one, I have to know what my credit score is. One article I read that interest rates depends on your credit history and your credit score. So, since I have just started building my credit four years ago, I have to wait a couple of year to get a car loan. I also have to pay off my existing credit cards which can take me I guess another year. So by the time I paid them off, my credit score would look good.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Dinner Tonight

It's gonna be tonight. I'm very excited to see our Fil-Am friends again. It's been a month since the last time I was able to join our get-togethers. Tonight would be the perfect night. It's going to be a Valentine Dinner group. Everyone that are able to join are very excited. Not to mention the good food we're going to have. We will be eating at the Seafood restaurant in Grand Rapids. I heard that it's a fantastic restaurant. But it's a little bit expensive but it's only once so we just don't think about the money.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New iPhone 5 is Coming

Everyone is wondering when is The New iPhone 5 is coming out. According to HubPages article iPhone 5 is coming out this coming July 2011. The new iPhone 5 is going to be loaded with new features like video chat on 3g and 4g which is no longer restricted to WiFi only, face recognition and extreme downloading.It will have dual core processors and higher and powerful graphic chips that can deliver higher video resolutions and better "still" images when taking pictures, and it will make multi-tasking easier. It will have a high definition audio and true GPS built in.
I'm excited because I'm ready to upgrade my smartphone :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine's Day Gift for Him

Valentines' is a week away. Any ideas for a valentines day gift for your husband? I know selecting a perfect gift is a difficult task. It could be harder but if you planned ahead it might be easier to choose. I am thinking of giving my husband a sweater of his favorite brand. He likes dark chocolate so I might buy him his favorite one kind. Anyway, it's deciding what to give your man this Valentine's Day is a hard task. Considering the many valentines day gift ideas for men widely available, picking the best is a battle.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The New Go Daddy Girl

It's almost 11pm EST blogging just after the Super Bowl XVL craziness. So who is the new Go Daddy Girl. First she was headless and have a nice body. It was a buzz everywhere wondering who could be the new Go Daddy Girl endorser. Well, it was first revealed at the Super Bowl XVL commercial during it's 2nd half with Danica Patrick and Michael Jillians. And I was shocked to see her. I thought that could be another "young" model. But it's
Joan Rivers, a comedian and once had a show called "Fashion Police" on E..

Friday, February 4, 2011

Meatballs for Dinner

So I'm going to cook for dinner and we're having meatballs. We bought a bag of frozen meatballs the day before the snow storm or the "blizzard of 2011". I was thinking of cooking it on Wednesday but I didn't have time. So I am going to cook it today. With that, I will mix some barbecue sauce, ketchup and brown sugar on a crock pot as my sauce. And leave it slow cook until the sauce becomes sticky to the meat. It would be my first time cooking meatballs but not my first time eating.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard 2011

So it was the worst snow blizzard we had(2/2/11) here in Michigan. Roads were blocked, some stores were closed, schools were closed but as an employee taking care of the sick we had to work plus we stayed over in the morning since the day shift could not make it to work. And when I got home around noon, the road going to our house were blocked because the snow plow truck did the main road first "as usual". Good thing my co-worker(my neighbor who gave me the ride) drove her 2wheel drive truck so we were able to make it . Files and files of snow were dumped by the side of the road near our house. My hubby hired the snow plow guy for $20 to have our driveway plowed because there was no way he could do it with his snow blower.
When I got up from sleep after 5 hrs I went outside to take some pictures and it's nice to "see sunshine after a storm", it was beautiful.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Preparation for Winter Storm

It was forecast yesterday that storm is on our way starting Monday night until Wednesday. And we could get more than 3 inches of snow. In fact as of this moment (Monday 4am ET) the storm started already. It's windy and blizzard outside. So part of our storm preparation we're gonna stop at the store from work in the morning to get couple of groceries that would last a week for me and my husband.
My grocery lists includes 3packs of Aqaufina water . It's on sale right now so we're getting the limit of 3.
Then 2 or 3 dozens of eggs since we used a lot of eggs.
Next on my list is 3 gallons of milk since my husband drink a lot of milk everyday.
I might have buy couple bags of salads, fruits and couple of canned goods.
Couple loafs of bread, butter and cheese are in my list too.
We still have meat in the freezer so we might escape right now.

Hopefully we can make it to the store without having any problem. I'm glad we don't live in the country anymore because before we always get stranded in our house during bad weather. We'll I'm still praying that the road is not going to be bad this couple of days as we have to work every night.


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