Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard 2011

So it was the worst snow blizzard we had(2/2/11) here in Michigan. Roads were blocked, some stores were closed, schools were closed but as an employee taking care of the sick we had to work plus we stayed over in the morning since the day shift could not make it to work. And when I got home around noon, the road going to our house were blocked because the snow plow truck did the main road first "as usual". Good thing my co-worker(my neighbor who gave me the ride) drove her 2wheel drive truck so we were able to make it . Files and files of snow were dumped by the side of the road near our house. My hubby hired the snow plow guy for $20 to have our driveway plowed because there was no way he could do it with his snow blower.
When I got up from sleep after 5 hrs I went outside to take some pictures and it's nice to "see sunshine after a storm", it was beautiful.

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