Friday, February 18, 2011

iPad Sleeves

If you have an iPad and want to protect your gadget from scratches or damage, you need to buy iPad Sleeves. It comes with vertical and horizontal sleeve. The vertical design is perfect for those who like to use their iPad as an e-reader and want access to the charging dock while your iPad is in-sleeve. The horizontal design allows for easy access from your bag and is especially great for those who enjoy the landscape orientation on their iPad. It's very stylish sleeve that would help protect your device in transit.

You can buy Custom iPad Sleeves where you can mix, match and create your iPad Sleeves the way you want to. These iPad Sleeves are hand made products and can be ordered at Rick Shaw Bags. The simple slip-cover design combines beautiful fabrics, protective padding and soft plush lining that comes with different color. So dress your iPad now with either vertical or horizontal sleeves.

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