Wednesday, March 30, 2011

3 Filipinos Executed in China

I remember when Leo Echegaray, the first Filipino to be meted the death penalty (by lethal injection) in 1999 after its reinsatement in the Philippines in 1993, and 23 years after the last execution was carried out under Philippine law. I was in College when it happened. But the Philippine government abolished the death penalty because it's against the morality of the Christian belief.

Now, the China government executed 3 Filipinos on Wednesday(Phil time) after they were found guilty of drug trafficking. I believed that they were just victims who were being used by the drug lords or international crime syndicates to carry drugs that why they were caught with the possession of illegal drugs. In my opinion, I duly respect the decision of the Chinese govt. because it's their judicial process and we should respect all that. But, I also hope that those drug lords will be caught and be brought to justice.

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