Sunday, March 13, 2011

iPod or iPhone?

My 2yr contract with AT&T is up already. So anytime,I can upgrade and get another phone with another 2yr activation contract. I am thinking of getting an iPhone. But I heard that the new iPhone5 is coming out around June or July so I might wait that time so I could get the new iPhone. At the same time I am thinking of getting the new iPod Touch. My friend had one. For me, they are both cool.iPod does not need a service provider like AT&T because it has an unlimited access with WIFI as long as you are within the range. But you can't browse when you are in your car travelling. Well, you can't browse while driving anyway. So iPod might be a good one. Uh! I forgot to mention that you can't make phone calls with iPod like iPhone does so iPhone is still good. But I don't wanna pay and deal with the service provider. If I'll go with iPod, I'll save an estimated $840 a year or more based on what I am paying right now
for an unlimited internet browsing, unlimited text & picture messages with unlimited instant messaging, unlimited local and long distance calls.
Now, I have to decide which one is the best for me. It would be nice for iPod Touch if you can make phone calls so I don't have to carry a phone with me.
We'll I have not decided yet. If you know the advantages and disadvantages of the two,pls leave me a comment. I need your expertise on this matter.

P.S- I have an 8GB iPod Nano(the old one) with no WIFI and other features like the iPod Touch. It is solely for storing songs and videos. But I only have 50 songs on it since it's expensive to download songs from iTunes.

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