Monday, April 11, 2011

7 For All ManKind Jeans on Ebay

So yesterday I sat down in front of the computer trying to relax after doing some yard work and enjoying the nice weather outside. But I realized that every time I'm on the computer I always browse either facebook, blogger, my email, visajourney and uscis websites. I felt like I have an OCD or an obsession of those sites as I can't help it even I get same information everyday. So I tried to be different yesterday. So I went to eBay and did some browsing. I was searching for a specific brand of jeans which is the 7 for all man kind. This brand is really expensive when you buy them brand new. I would not buy a $100plus a pair of jeans myself so I was being smart to look in eBay. And I found a pair that I like on an affordable price.Actually I found 2 jeans. I bid both 2 and ended up winning them both. Wow, I can't believed I purchased them right away. I did not expect to found the jeans that I've been looking. Glad they both accept Paypal for payment so it was so much easier. The transaction were very smooth and will be expecting both packages on the mail later this week. I hope they both fit me right. Well see, but if not I might sell back to eBay or give to my mom :).

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