Thursday, April 14, 2011

Me and My Budget

There are days of the month that I like to go out going to the mall shopping looking for good deals or just simply window shopping. That only happens if I have extra money on my budget. This month I am so glad that it's summer in the Philippines,meaning no schools for my brother so there would be no school expenses so I am able to saved and will be able to until next month. But, by June my obligation starts again. My brother has books to purchase by the first week of June which would cost us $300 or so. Of course that is not included for his enrollment and school supplies. By July,my sister would have her Review taken. She told me that it's going to be $450 the registration fee. Plus their board and lodging so I am talking about $1000 in the next couple months. I have had been saving up because I know it's gonna come and it's going to be me who will take the responsibility. I don't mind spending money for them as long as they are attending school faithfully. So with that being said I am tight on my budget right now and can no longer afford shopping next month. So I need to stop looking for store ads so I don't see what they have on sale. Sometime I felt that clothings stores just trick you on there ads when they have a 50% or a buy 1 get 1 half off and when you go to their store there are exclusions on their sales. Sometimes you ended up buying the things that you don't necessarily needs.

If, by chance, I might be buying at consignment store or eBay. It might be pre-owned but at least I am buying a good quality materials in an affordable amount.

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