Monday, May 16, 2011

Mythbusters Proves Random Facts

Guest post by Ronny Mccullough

My family watches Mythbusters like addicts. Our satellite TV, that I got after seeing this Comparison of Cable and DirectTV, is always set on the Discovery Channel. I am proud of the fact that my family wants to learn so much, but I have a feeling they are mostly excited about the chance that Jamie and Adam will blow something up.

Though Mythbusters doesn't really answer every day questions that my children might ask, they do answer questions that I didn't know I wanted the answer to. A perfect example of this is the time that they checked to see if debris from a cannon ball being shot through a pi! rate ship really would kill someone. I never realized that I was wondering that very thing while watching the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movies.

These men used to be the stuntmen and stunt creators for movies. I imagine that work must have brought up quite a few unanswerable questions about the past that drove them crazy while trying to figure out how to make the stunt look real.

My favorite part of the show is that while Adam and Jamie are working on the “big” problem, their assistants, Tory, Kari and Grant are working on a smaller myth to bust. One of their myths was can a person really pass a lie detector test if they concentrated.

This is a good show to learn random knowledge.

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