Friday, May 13, 2011

Tulip Time Festival Week

It's Tulip Time Week here in Holland, Michigan. The celebration begun on the 7th which is after the Cinco de Mayo celebration and will end up on Saturday, the 14th. Tourist from all over the United States and even from all over the world especially Europe comes here in Holland every year to witness the celebration which is basically part of the history. They come here as part of their tradition to witness the celebration all week. Everyday,all day has different activities of all ages. Downtown Holland is all packed, you see people walking all over the places wearing their dutch costumes. So, with much going on here, the unstoppable traffic is very annoying so it's hard to find parking spaces good thing we live close to downtown where we could walk if we want to. This Friday afternoon, a friend of ours is coming over to join the rest of the Hollanders in celebrating Tulip Festival Week. We are planning on going to the historic dutch windmill or to the Farm to get some good pictures of Tulip flowers of different colors.

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